Monday, July 21, 2014

Pink and Purple

Good Morning everyone! I have pictures of this weeks manicure ready to share. I went with some new and untried this week.

The polish on the left is Watermelon Sundae by Squishy Face Polish. It's a light pink loaded with small green, silver, red, and white small glitters. The polish on the right is Iris My Case by KB Shimmer. It's a light purple polish loaded with purple, fuchsia, silver, blue and white. There are various sizes of glitter but they are all small to micro sized.
I found the Watermelon Sundae to be a little thick in the application but I think a little thinner could probably solve that problem. I love the different colored glitters in the polish, that's why I bought it. I also bought a purple polish from Squishy Face (I have a tendency to go straight for anything purple) but I decided to go with the KB Shimmer Iris My Case because it's my first KB Shimmer polish and I heard so many great things about them. Well, I heard right. Application was a breeze. I did find that I needed 3 coats on some of my fingers but that could be because I put the second coat on before the first was dry enough.

All in all, I'm very happy with this week's manicure. I love the way the pink and purple go together, perfect for summer. This will be my mani for the next few days because once I put polish on and it looks good, I don't like to take it off until I have to. I know there are bloggers who change polish very often, sometimes multiple times in a day. I like to enjoy my manicures and share with my family, friends and coworkers who look forward to seeing what new colors and/or designs I'm wearing each week. I will have to try and show each manicure once I've done it for the week. Sometimes I get lazy, the nails get polished but the pictures don't get taken. Sorry about that.