Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jordana Nail Art Fun

I've decided to try and use some of the polishes I have that have never been used so what better way than to use it for a manicure with some nail art. The polishes I used for this were Jordana polishes that I purchased in a local "dollar" store. I thought they'd look great together which I think they do. Here are the polishes I used for this mani:

I thought they were bright, fun, summery colors. I did start out with a plan, however, once I started polishing my nails, that plan went out the window. This is the result:
I was originally going to do all of my fingers like my ring finger but I would've used the bluish polish as my base coat. I decided to have some fun instead and try some other designs. My middle finger was done with a paintbrush and while it didn't come out as I had planned, I was still happy with the result. My thumb is another story. Here is the end result:
I don't know what my initial intentions were. I just kept adding stripes and this was the end result. I would call it a happy accident. This turned out to be my second favorite nail of the bunch (the ring finger spotted design was my favorite).
I haven't done any hand painted nail art in a while as I've been using some of my glitter polishes and don't like to spoil the glitter effect with painting over it. But this was a fun change of pace!

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