Sunday, October 27, 2013

BOO... it's Halloween 2013

It's almost that time for witches and goblins, tricks and treats, and as promised here is my Halloween manicure.

My Left Hand
My Right Hand

My Thumbs
(my thumbs aren't really 2 different sizes, it's just the angle my son took the picture at)

I decided to go with 10 different designs just to have some fun.  Some of the designs were ones I had done in the past, others were variations of designs I saw online.  Although I don't know whose designs exactly I used for reference, I want to give thanks to everyone who posts their nail art in blogs, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.
I did polish and paint everything over the SensatioNail gel polish, Chiffon Pink, that I still had on my nails from last week's October BCA manicure.  Once I took off the designs with some non acetone polish remover, the gel polish was still in very good shape (it had only been on a week and I usually get 2 to 3 out of it), so I polished my new base colors right over that.  I did write down my designs and color choices on paper first.  I wanted to make sure I varied my base color choices and I wanted to make sure I planned the easier designs for my right hand as I am right handed and of course, have to paint the right hand with my left.  I used dotting tools, striping polish, and a small paint brush to paint my designs.  I'm happy with how they came out.  Everyone at work loved them.  A coworker wanted me to give her a Halloween manicure for her trip to Vegas.  Here is how hers turned out:

She loved them and couldn't wait to show her friends and family.  She's already thinking of future designs I can do for her for the upcoming holidays.  I look forward to sharing those and my own with you.

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